Bepa Mask
Bepa Mask
Bepa Mask
Bepa Mask
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Bepa Mask

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Introducing the revolutionary BEPA-MASK

  • Lightweight & easy to take on/off
  • Form Fitting with a much "improved" face coverage
  • Routes airflow towards back of the head
  • Air exchange occurs through N99 rated filters providing 99.999% viral and bacterial protection

The BEPA-MASK is essentially a soft moulded mask that fits over the nose and mouth and allows the user to comfortably wear it for long periods. Breathing is easy.. With two pipes - one on each side of the face, air is exhausted down and away from the patient. The BEPA-MASK is manufactured from medical grade polymer material that’s soft, pliable, super lightweight and moulds comfortably to the face.

Traditional paper or cloth masks are uncomfortable. They usually leak and must be changed constantly. A standard N95 paper mask is usually only effective for around 20 minutes after which time they become moist and clog, making breathing even more difficult and frustratingly they fog the users glasses and irritate the skin over time.

"BEPA-MASK provides up to 99.999% protection"

The BEPA-MASK allows easy breathing all the time and unlike paper masks, it won’t dampen, become uncomfortable or fog users glasses. The BEPA-MASK has two filters – one on each side of the face, each rated 99.999% effective. Current regulations are asking for “N95 masks”, they eliminate 95% of particles.

The BEPA-MASK filters provide 99.999% protection. This delivers far superior protection than standard paper or cloth masks. From an asepsis perspective, the BEPA-MASK can be cleaned using standard antibacterial wipes or UV sterilisation and the filters can be easily changed as needed, usually once a day, but that may vary according to the individual circumstances. The masks are manufactured utilizing a patented, single cast mould design. Being a single cast item there are no “weld joints” and therefore no leakage points within the product. When it comes to “face-to-face” treatment your best choice for protection is BEPA-MASK.

  • Comfort grip system
  • Biodegradable polylactic body
  • Encompasses 65% of the face
  • Can be disinfected after each patient
  • Prevents facial contamination because of the posterior air intake channels
  • CPolypropylene breathe filters
  • 99.9999% bacterial efficiency of the filters
  • 99.999% viral efficiency of the filters