Great White - Straight Flat End Fissure - GW558 - 5 Pack
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Great White - Straight Flat End Fissure - GW558 - 5 Pack

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Tackle your toughest material cutting challenges and save time with the multi-functional performance of Great White® carbide burs. Great White® burs cut all hard materials smoothly, making the treatment procedure an easier experience for your patient and reducing rotary bur inventory in your office.

SS White® Great White® Gold Series Burs are:

  • Manufactured with technically advanced blade geometry, quality materials and a thicker neck.
  • Designed to eliminate bur breakage when cutting hard material such as metal, porcelain and composite.
  • Perfect for procedures requiring a plunge cut, whether working with non & semi-precious metal, amalgam or composite.

Consider your rotary bur inventory; doctors who once used multiple carbides to remove crowns have reported using one Great White® carbide bur to remove two to three crowns, saving time and inventory costs and streamlining bur ordering.
By increasing dentates and incorporating enhanced blade geometry, the Great White® bur cuts more efficiently than a straight-bladed bur. They will not catch, grab or stall.

Grit: NA
Shape: Straight/Flat End Cross Cut
Pack Size: 5-PK
Length Overall: 19.0
Working Length: 3.8
Head Diameter: 1.2
Crown Removal: Yes
Inlay/Onlay: Yes
Posterior Composite: Yes
Amalgam Restoration: Yes
Endodontics: Yes
Post Placement: Yes
Oral Surgery: Yes
Pedodontics: Yes
Periodontics: Yes
Dental Laboratory, CB: Yes
Dental Lab Acrylic: Yes
Multi-Use : Yes